January GBM: Financial Health & Wealth

This was the opening thought for last month’s general body meeting. We had the privilege to sit down with JB, a Financial Advisor from Northwestern Mutual. The meeting covered various topics, revolving around what it means to be financially healthy and wealthy, along with how to prepare for life in the long run. During this meeting we had the opportunity to ask questions in regards to how we plan for the future and leaving a legacy for the people that come after us. JB shared information on the different types of retirement plans, life insurance plans, and investments that are available to us. He also stressed the fact that time can easily run out and circumstances can force lifestyle changes; therefore, we need to plan accordingly.

Additionally, JB challenged our definition of wealth, pointing out that for each person, it will differ. This sparked a discussion about the differences between being rich verses wealthy. It all depends on what people want their lives to look like. This will help determine what avenues are best for them in their journey to financial wealth. As promised, there were many good points to start looking at one’s personal financial picture and how to maintain it for generations to come. NSBE MAP stands with JB in promoting financial stability and education to help members of our community not only survive, but live and excel.


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