Women In Tech

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

In November, NSBE MAP partnered with Visionary League for the Women, Wine, and Tech event at Venue 42. This partnership was preceded by an amazing kickback collaboration between the two organizations in September. Last month's event had a full show of participation from both women and supportive men including entrepreneurs, city employees, nurses, HR professionals, students, engineers and others. NSBE MAP had a great flow of traffic at our table, allowing us to spread awareness about our vision and mission.

The event opened with the ultimate girl power poem by Lilo Allen, which had the audience fully engaged with a "hey sis" as she walked through phenomenal wonders of femininity. This strong opening, set the stage for Arlando Monk-Walls to welcome us all into a space for women to celebrate each other and our technical achievements.

The keynote, given by LaShonda Hill, urged us not to be a "Girl Boss" and instead "Just be a Boss". She blessed us with takeaways like take your seat at the table, find your confidant, and gather your crew. A crowd favorite was a reminder of the trending "it was never a dress" message, which challenges the women's restroom symbol as a depiction of a woman wearing a CAPE rather than a dress.

NSBE MAP was very happy to be a partner for this event where every word spoken was an affirmation of the powerful impact women in technology and all walks of life have on society.


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